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Modem Recorder 3.5.1


     Category: Audio

Description of
Modem Recorder
Modem Recorder is handy utility for phone calls recording. Features: 1) records phone conversations. 2) records from microphone. 3) plays back recorded mesages via phone line. 4) Plays back recorded mesages via sound card. 5) Can record ALL incomming phone calls. 6) Has built-in software automatic gain control. 7) Detects and logs Caller ID. 8) Pops up caller ID information. 9) Super Spy mode will hide Modem Recorder behaviour. Nobody will know that you are recording phone calls.
Modem Recorder
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Author: SoftCab
License: Shareware
Price: $34.95
File Size: 341.8 KB
Downloads: 113

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